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Opinion about the website

We prepared this function to learn how the user judges our website.
If the user wants our website to develop and participate in it, please answer the questions in the questionnaire provided below according to rating scale of 1 to 6 stars (in the growing system). Apart from answering our questions there is a possibility to express free opinion and own suggestions, as for working and appearance of website and contents included in it.
The best comments and suggestions, which will be used in further development of website or improvement of its working,
will be awarded by individual awards.
Thank you very much for your time and commitment.

01. Clarity and navigation of the website.
02. Used graphic elements and colours.
03. Way of products searching.
04. Scope and layout of information.
05. Speed of data processing.
06. Division into Catalogues and categories.
07. Way of orders placing and products presentation.
08. Included technical data about products and their packing.
09. Solutions concerning development of cooperation with users and their influence on appearance and working of the website.
10. Usefulness of the website.
Total quantity of products:     /  
Please write in your own suggestion or comment:

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